How the Process Works

A chance for us to get to know each other and discuss your vision for your ceremony. This is also how you can get a feel for my personality and make sure I am the right fit for you. It is very much a chemistry thing !

This can be done on the phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person at my home in Washington DC.

Contact me to set up our initial conversation.

Everything can be done online without any need to print or mail anything. I have designed my entire process with your convenience in mind. You will receive a contract online as well as a PayPal invoice to pay your deposit which secures my services for your ceremony.

The deposit is 50% of the total cost with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to your ceremony.

We will meet in person to get to know each other and to plan out your ceremony. I will gather details about your love story including how you met, how the relationship developed and what led to your engagement to include this story in your ceremony (if you wish).

Within two days of our meeting you receive the entire ceremony for your review.

You can edit or change anything about the ceremony draft you are sent. If you want to remove something we talked about at the meeting, or add something in that you find online afterwards you would just let me know.

I want your ceremony to be exactly what you want so we can exchange as many emails or calls as needed to make it perfect for you.

I will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start time and ensure everything at the ceremony site is ready for us. After the ceremony I will file your marriage license to make everything legal and complete.

Contact me to set up our initial conversation

About Tim

An ordained minister since 2003, I also hold a bachelor’s degree in communication from Manhattan College, an M.B.A from Loyola University, and I am a ICF Certified Professional Life Coach. I left a lucrative banking career in 2014 to pursue my passion for performing wedding ceremonies full time. Helping couples craft a ceremony that reflects their unique relationship and then performing that ceremony in a memorable, fun and beautiful way brings me great joy. I have a passion for this work and it shows !

I am very open minded and respect every human’s right to decide what is true for them. A true lover of people, I feel best when I am serving others with my natural skills and talents. I have extensive public speaking experience both in the corporate world and from years spent as an actor and stand up comedian in my youth. Bringing these skills to your wedding ceremony so that your night gets off to a great start is what brings me such satisfaction in this line of work.

There will be no rules or regulations about what your ceremony has to include, or cannot include. On the other hand I will provide many ideas and suggestions to create a ceremony you will love. We will get to know each other on a personal level, and I love to include details about how my couples fell in love in their ceremonies. One of the most common things I hears from guests right after a ceremony is “How long have you been friends with the couple?” This comment delights me!

In my free time I enjoy cooking, spending time outdoors and playing the guitar. Music is the universal language and I enjoy playing and listening to music as often as I can. Travel is also a passion of mine and I have lived in Costa Rica for 2 months, Peru for 2 months and have traveled to many other destinations around the globe. My deepest belief is that life is a beautiful adventure and that every day is a chance to discover something amazing about yourself and the world you live in.