Wine Box Ceremony (my favorite !)

Each partner will write a love letter to each other the night before the ceremony. During the ceremony we place those un-read letters into a decorative box that also includes a bottle of wine. On your first wedding anniversary you have a special date night where you open the box, enjoy a glass of wine, and read each others letters for the first time. If you like this idea but do not drink wine we can use a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.

Props Needed: Box, letters, bottle of wine, and possibly glasses (or the restaurant gift certificate). You can get pre-made sets in stores or online


There will be two individual containers of sand to represent each partner. During the ritual the couple will combine their individual containers of sand into a larger container, which can then become a keepsake to keep in the couple’s home. The couple can do this ceremony alone, or we can include other family members (usually mothers), or children.

Props needed: Two smaller containers and one larger container. Sand, which is usually in 2 different colors but does not have to be. Pre-made sets are available for sale online or at Michaels.

Tree Planting Ceremony

The couple will add a small amount of soil and water to a small potted tree or plant. Symbolically, this represents how both partners will need to nurture the marriage every day for it to flourish. You can pick any tree or plant you want, and some of the symbolism of that particular plant will be included. Great way to have a keepsake to take home and remember the ceremony.

Props needed:Tree in Pot, with one small cup of water, and one small cup of soil.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

There will be two smaller candles and a large center candle. During the ritual the couple will combine their individual candles to light the larger center candle. This is meant to symbolize the new union being created. The couple can do this ceremony alone, or we can include other family members (usually mothers), or children.

Props needed: Two smaller candles and one large Center Candle. If it will be outdoors hurricane covers are a good idea to deal with wind. A high-quality stick lighter is important, and a small votive candle makes the whole process easier (I will light the small votive which can then be used to light the individual candles- it is better to do it this way than to mess with lighting the candles directly)

Wine Ceremony

The couple will take turns drinking from one glass of wine. The symbolism involved is around drinking together from the cup of life. When you do this, you are making a choice to share all the experiences of life with another person. Great for a ceremony at a winery!

Props needed: One glass of wine, covered. Or I can pour it from a bottle during the ritual.

Ceremonies Involving Children

There are many ways to involve children in a ceremony.Please just let me know this is something you wish to do and we can go over your options.

Hand Fasting Ceremony

This is an ancient tradition that has been re-purposed for modern times. A cord or ribbon is gently wrapped around the clasped hands of the couple, as a gesture of the fact their two lives have now become one.

Props needed: Ribbon

Smudging Ceremony

Sage will be burned and then its smoke and aroma will gently be waved around the couple’s bodies. This is meant to clear the area of any energies that less than ideal, and to create a space for the power of the couples vows and intentions.

Props needed: Sage, butane style lighter, container for the sage

Breaking the Glass

This is a Jewish tradition but it is commonly performed at interfaith ceremonies as well. The groom steps firmly onto a glass wrapped in cloth to conclude the ceremony. When the glass breaks it symbolizes the irreversible change the couple has welcomed into their live by taking the vows of marriage.

Props needed: Cloth napkin and a small glass, or a lightbulb works great

Signing the Ketubah

From the Jewish faith a Ketubah is at once both a work of art and a marriage contract. During the ceremony the significance of the document will be discussed. Also, the document will be signed, typically by both sets of parents, the bride and groom, and the officiant.

Props needed: The Ketubah, high quality pen.

Fisherman’s Knot

You can literally “tie the knot.” The couple will each have a strand of rope/cord that they will tie together into what is known as a Fishermans’ knot. This type of knot is the strongest there is which is why it is also known as a true lovers knot. This is not difficult to do, but will require a little practice before the big day

Props needed: Two long strands of cord of different colors

Puzzle Pieces

Each of your guests will take a puzzle piece before sitting down. During the ceremony remarks about how a marriage is a lot like a puzzle coming together will be made. Each guest will then be asked to bless their puzzle piece with a positive intention for the couple. They will return the pieces to the container at the end of the ceremony. The couple will then put the puzzle together at a later time.

Props needed: A container of puzzle pieces and a way to notify guests to take a piece before having a seat